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Weekly Rental $100

Two Week Rental $175

Monthly Rental $300

Enables users to stand upright and look ahead with better support, greater dignity, and greater confidence to walk farther and remain active

More comfortable compared to other walkers and rollators because it reduces stress and pain on joints in your wrists, back and legs

We want you to be happy with your purchase so please make sure the UpWalker is right for you and your situation. Our primary concern is that the UpWalker is safe and effective for you or the loved one you're buying it for. The following are the main reasons why some people return their UPWalker. Please carefully review each of these points to see if the UpWalker is right for you.

  1. Too heavy or bulky for me to maneuver it. Do not buy the UpWalker if you are not of reasonable health, or if you have ataxia and/or some other mobility issues. You may not be able to handle the agility of the UpWalker. If you are over 75-80 years old or have to rely on your current walker for support to stand you may find it hard to control the UpWalker.
  2. Too big or too small for me or my living space. Do not buy the UpWalker if you are under 4’ 6” in height (the UpWalker is too big for you), or if you're over 5’ 10” tall, or weigh over 300 pounds (then it's too small for you). Do not buy the UpWalker if you live in a small living space or one with narrow passages or tight corners. The UpWalker is great for wide-open spaces in the outdoors or in larger homes, however some people find it cumbersome to maneuver in smaller apartments or houses.
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